Hazop+ software module

Brett Petersen

The Hazard and Operability (Hazop) study is a widely used formal technique for examining potential safety and operational problems associated with a system. Isograph’s powerful Hazop+ software can be used to vastly simplify the customizing, recording, managing and reporting processes of the Hazop study. This means a Hazop study can be completed much more quickly and cost-effectively.
The Hazop+ operates in an environment that allows full customization. This is reflected in the diversity of industries that are using this program across the globe today, such as Defense, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Chemical Process and Nuclear Power.

Network Availability Prediction (NAP) module webinar

Brett Petersen

The Network Availability Prediction (NAP) delivers an objective measure of Availability to those Operational Managers, IT Directors, Telecommunications Managers and Network Designers whose performance is measured by that of the networks they manage or design.
-Flexible program
– User defined networks
-All networks mobile, fixed, data, corporate
-All elements cables, cards, shelves, switches
-Drag and drop to build networks
-Simple library structure
-Reports availability, reliability, available paths, failure sets, critical elements
-Import/export facilities
-Compatible with Microsoft Office products
PC or server based

AvSim Availability Simulation Software – Webinar

Brett Petersen

Create a Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) or Fault Tree to represent the system logic.  Use Weibull analysis to characterize failure and repair data from your ERP/CMMS.  Use simulation to model system performance and optimize spare holdings.

Simulate the effects of design and operational changes.

FaultTree+ in Reliability Workbench – Webinar training

Brett Petersen

FaultTree+, the world’s most popular fault tree software package, is now fully incorporated into Reliability Workbench.

FaultTree+ is used around the globe to assess system safety in industries as diverse as Aerospace, Defense, Railroads, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Chemical Process and Nuclear Power and much, much more.

Attack Tree – Threat Analysis software – Webinar

Brett Petersen

Isograph’s AttackTree software provides a powerful and user-friendly environment to construct and analyze attack trees.  It gives the user a method to model the threats against a system in a graphical, easy-to-understand manner.  The effectiveness of internet security, network security, banking systems security, installation and personnel security may all be modeled using Attack Tree.