Repair, Replace or Refurbish?

Jeremy Hynek

Of course CAPEX will effect OPEX, or it should…or will it? The idea makes sense, however, at what point will a piece of equipment cost you more to maintain than it would cost to simply replace that piece of equipment? Should a refurbish be considered? How should a new plant be configured for the highest cost benefit? Not properly designing a system or not being willing to spend the money to replace equipment at the right interval could be costing you. By modelling your system in easy to use tools you can make logical decisions as well as justifying these decisions.

Webinar Upcoming Reliability Workbench Upgrades

Jeremy Hynek

The next version of Reliability Workbench (13.0.2) has now been released. Join us for this special preview webinar to get an early look at the new features that have been added. From changes to the report viewer interface, updated Prediction stands, data linking to the Allocation module, new DLL functions, expanded IEC 61508 calculations for both the Fault Tree and FMECA modules, a new Fault Tree failure model, and a brand-new results dialog for the FMECA module, complete with ISO 26262 functionality, there’s plenty to get excited about.

As always if you have any questions about our software please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards, Jeremy