Webinar: Data Linking

Jeremy Hynek
Most of the Reliability, Safety, Maintenance and Availability community have the need to use the same data in different models. Prediction to FMEA, FMEA to Fault Tree, Prediction to Fault Tree, RBD to Prediction are just a few examples of where the same information can be used across different model types.
How are you moving data, spreadsheets, CSV import, XML import, Access import….fat-fingering the data from one application to another? In this webinar we will show you a better way. Using Data Links one can easily update data across all software applications where matching data is used/required. This not only makes life easier on your end it will increase the accuracy of your models and save you piles of time. For example one can update a prediction MTBF and the linked data will update the same data in FMEA, RBD and FTA models.
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Friday February 12, 12:00 PM Easter Standard Time: