Isograph is an SMRP Approved Vendor

Jeremy Hynek

Isograph is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a SMRP Approved Provider. If you are not familiar with SMRP (Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals), but are interested in maintenance, reliability, availability as well as learning various industry techniques for figuring how to approach your maintenance and reliability. Its worth you time to take a look at this nonprofit professional society. .

Going forward, if you attend either our Availability Workbench RCMCost or Availability Workbench Avsim courses you will receive 8 hours per course towards your CMRP continued education.

For additional information on our training courses: TRAINING

For more information on the CMRP certification: CMRP

The Approved Provider Education Program recognizes continuing education that aligns with the most relevant topics and best practices in the industry according to the SMRP Body of Knowledge and/or the Asset Management Landscape, which is published by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM).

The program serves as a resource for professionals looking for training and continuing education that is verified by a qualified third party. For Approved Providers, the program offers validation and recognition of their training and educational courses….” (

Reliability 2.0 Presentation

Jeremy Hynek

Next week we will be attending the Reliability 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas. Something interesting about Isograph is our hand-picked staff.  We have 4 PHDs to support Isograph’s Software, Training and Programming efforts. This includes Dr. David Wiseman who will be presenting his paper titled: “Availability Analysis and Design Selection using Monte Carlo Simulation”.  Below is a photo from his last presentation at IMC, what you cannot see in this photo is the people standing in the hall! So if you plan on attending this paper arrive early and bring your camping chair to ensure you get a seat.

For more information on this conference please visit the ReliabilityWeb conference website:




2014 CIM Conference

Jeremy Hynek

This week Isograph attended the CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining)  conference in Vancouver, which was a great event. As software authors we usually don’t get the chance to take a close look at the machinery that is often modeled in our software. The CIM conference not only gave us this chance it seemed to have a bit of everything including: 12 foot tires, 14 ton trucks, UAV’s, drills, software and many items specific to the mining industry. Its also the only conference I have been to that had its own fireworks show!

CIM is a very mature organization which was founded in 1898, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) is the leading technical society of professionals in the Canadian Minerals, Metals, Materials and Energy Industries.  CIM has over 14,600 members, convened from industry, academia and government. With 10 Technical Societies and over 35 Branches, their members help shape, lead and connect Canada’s mining industry, both within Canadian borders and across the globe.  Reference




Reliability 2.0….. cliff notes

Jeremy Hynek

This years Reliability 2.0 meeting in Las Vegas was a great meeting with a bit of bowling, gambling and interesting discussions on topics like Monte Carlo Simulation. (Which seems like a fitting topic for Las Vegas.)  Reliability 2.0 2014 included 2 papers authored and co-authored by Isograph employees. Dr. Gabriel Lima’s (Isograph Partner) paper titled “Practical Models for Decision-Making in Asset Management” . As an economics professor Gabriel was able to give a unique point of view regarding what motivates asset management strategies. Factors such as increased reliability, improve availability, reduced unit cost, reduced risk and improved frequency of failure .  Below is a photo from Gabriel 3 hour training course. If you are interested in the course notes please contact me .



Dr. David Wiseman a die hard Liverpool soccer fan, nuclear physicist  and employee of Isograph also presented a paper titled “Monte Carlo Simulation as an Aid to PM Optimization” .  In this paper David clears up the common misconception that massive amounts of data are needed to perform a simulation to optimize your PM intervals.  For a basic simulation all that is needed is the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), the price of the PM interval and less than a weeks worth of test data. Using this data a recommended PM interval and Cost Benefit Ratio are easily calculated.


We all walked away from the conference with minor gambling losses and a better idea on how to approach our asset management models. For additional information please contact Isograph: 949 502 5919 ,

Reliability 2.0 paper “Monte Carlo Simulation as an Aid to Optimization”

Jeremy Hynek

This spring there will be a lot of activity in Las Vegas. Some will be calculating their losses from March Madness, others will be finishing Spring Break with a yard of ale on the strip and David Wiseman and I will preparing to present our paper “Monte Carlo Simulation as an Aid to Optimization” at this years Reliability 2.0 conference. Reliability 2.0 Agenda April 7-11, 2014

Monte Carlo simulation techniques allow computer programs to emulate plant behavior and quickly assess the effects of alternative PM policies. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to optimize PM intervals. We will also show how simulators may be used to optimize spare part storage levels – a vital consideration when restocking is subject to long lead times. Such optimization techniques can help to reduce maintenance and spare part storage costs, while taking into account safety, operational and environmental risk.



Isograph will be supporting this years Reliability 2.0 event by presenting 2 papers and exhibiting at the conference.